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Start Your Cruise Stress-Free And In Comfort

Start the 2018 Southern Rock Cruise stress-free!  If you are traveling from our pre-cruise hotel, the Westin Tampa Harbour Island, below please find a transportation option to help you plan your travels the morning of our departure on January 20th.

Our convenient and comfortable motor coaches will take guests from the Westin Tampa Harbour straight to the Port of Tampa for just $14.  Your luggage will be loaded at the hotel and delivered to the terminal, all under your watchful eye. Terminal porters are always on hand if you need further assistance with your luggage.  If interested in this service, sign in to your StarVista LIVE account and select the Transportation option as an Add-On.

It is your responsibility to arrive at the ship in time for the departure on January 20th and to arrange your transportation at the end of the Southern Rock Cruise on January 25th.