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You may use your StarVista LIVE account to manage aspects of our upcoming Southern Rock Cruise 2019 and all future experiences and cruises we offer.

As a charter cruise guest, you have two numbers tied to your sailing – a Reservation Number from StarVista LIVE (SVL) and a Booking Number from Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). Once you have a confirmed reservation with StarVista LIVE, we will set up an account for you tied to your primary email address. You will use your SVL account to manage the aspects of this and future cruises including your guest information, payments, insurance and SVL add-ons. You will need your NCL booking number to check-in online in order to board the cruise ship and to make dinner reservations, purchase excursions, beverage packages, spa appointments and other additional items and activities available from the ship.  Please note, your NCL booking number will be provided about 6 weeks prior to sailing. 

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Advantages of logging-in and using your SVL account:

  • Add-On Options:Special Southern Rock Events, Southern Rock Cruise Merchandise and more!
  • Accept Terms and Conditions: To ensure that your reservation is not cancelled, check your terms and conditions status by logging into your account. Simply log in to your accountand look for an “Accept Terms” button under the reservation. If this button appears, you have not accepted the terms and conditions. Click this button and follow the instructions.
  • Trip Protection:Review your Trip Protection/Insurance plan
  • Payment plans:Review your current payment plan and when payments are due; pay for items that you add; change credit card information
  • Guest info:Review your profile information*, stateroom information and
    t-shirt size

*please note that you may edit your own personal profile information, but cannot add or edit other guest information in your cabin

How To Log-In To Your StarVista LIVE Account:

Below please find directions on how to log-in and navigate your StarVista LIVE account. We have also created a short video tutorial here:

Log in to your StarVista LIVE Account by clicking here:

In the Account Information box, enter the requested information:

User Name: Email Address


  • If you have logged into your StarVista LIVE account in the past and remember your password, enter it in the field
  • If this is your first time logging into your online account or if you do not remember your password, follow these steps:
    • Click “Send me my account information
    • An email with the subject line “Reset your Password” will be sent to you; Click on the link in the email and it will open a new page where you can create or reset your username and password, as well as review your profile information. Be sure to click “Register” at the bottom to confirm the changes.

How To Navigate Your StarVista LIVE Account:

Click on VIEW YOUR ACCOUNT which will show all of your current and past Reservations.

Click on your Destination Southern Rock Cruise 2019 Reservation

You will be taken to your personal Southern Rock Cruise 2019 page that indicates your personal information (including StarVista LIVE Reservation Number), cabin number, cabin category, balance, any applicable travel & cancellation insurance and any other options you have added onto your account at this time.

At the top of the page, there will be a clickable link: GUESTS

Please make sure when you review your personal information on this Guest Details page you ensure that your first and last name matches exactly what is on your passport, including any suffix (Jr, Sr, III, etc.) that should be part of the ‘Last Name’ field.

At the bottom of the page, there will be a clickable link:  ADD MORE OPTIONS

Once clicking here, you can add options to your account including special Southern Rock Cruise Events, Southern Rock Cruise Merchandise and more.