A Letter from the Executive Producer

The StarVista LIVE team just returned from sailing the Norwegian Cruise Line Pearl this past week and spending some time on the ship. I can understand why many of our Southern Rock guests mention the Pearl fondly.

My focus was on the various venues and how we might best schedule the additional performances to provide even more music on this voyage.

We started with the pool which will be the location for the Lynyrd Skynyrd show on Tuesday, January 8th in Cozumel. The existing pool area is large with minimal line of sight obstruction, but we will transform it to create even better space for a festival style show. A large pool stage with LED wall will be built under the dark glass windows in this photo. The stage will stretch to touch the edge of the far pool. This pool will be drained and covered all week so you can be right in front for your favorite bands. The pool in the foreground will remain in operation as a pool so you have a chance for a dip on those hot Caribbean days. 

We next moved on to the Stardust Theater (the main theater) and clearly this will work well for our prime-time headliner shows plus a few off hours big shows we will be programming. The Spinnaker is a great second room on deck 13 and will match well with the artists joining us.

The two most interesting venues that the Pearl has are the Atrium, a 7th floor, mid-ship venue and the stage at Bar City, the crossroads of three separate bars and several restaurants on the 6th floor. The Atrium easily accommodates about 200 people and we will be building a heavily used stage there programming music from in and around lunch to well into the night. Bar City is a more intimate setting but will, along with the Atrium, be a great
late-night venue.

The Pearl has some great choices for lunch and dinner. While it’s hard to ever pass up a 24 hour Irish Pub, O’Sheehans, we did venture out dining at Le Bistro (French), La Cucina (Italian), Cagney’s Steakhouse, Sushi Bar and the main restaurants Indigo and Summer Palace. We missed a few due to scheduling conflicts and extra ports but it’s clear that there will be plenty of great places to eat. There is also a great outdoor space on the 12th floor Aft Deck which has a breakfast buffet and plenty of seats with a view.

We had a great time meeting the Pearl team, many of whom will be sailing with us in January. We had a chance to walk through the staging and what we would be doing in each venue, discussing food and beverage options, planning the logistics of loading first day, discussing scheduling and how we fit all our performances and activities in, etc. The Pearl staff seem like some great folks and we look forward to working with them.

For those of you booked already we look forward to seeing you in January. If you haven’t booked yet, now is the time. There are still great cabins available and after visiting the Pearl, I am more convinced than ever that this new ship will be a great venue for even more music, more events and more of that great Southern Rock Cruise experience. 

See you soon

Mike Jason

Southern Rock Cruise Executive Producer