Announcing the 2019 Southern Rock Cruise Parties & Late Night Themes

In addition to the LIVE performances, Q&A sessions, panel discussions, artist-led events, and poolside parties, we’re psyched to announce these parties and theme nights that will keep the Southern Rock vibe through the days and nights we’re together. These are NEW this year and while it’s not mandatory to dress in keeping with the theme, we do encourage you to have some fun and rock your favorite outfits.

Sunday, January 6 | Tampa, Florida 

Sail-away Party: Start this music party at sea with drinks, live music and dancing on the pool deck as we head out from Tampa.

Nightly Theme: Welcome to the Southern Rock Cruise – No special outfits required. Get unpacked and settled in for the week ahead!

Monday, January 7 | At Sea 

Nightly Theme: Superheroes and Villains – Are you ready to accept this challenge? Will you choose a superhero or the archenemy? DC or Marvel? We can’t wait to see your comic book creativity.

Tuesday, January 8 | Cozumel, Mexico

Nightly Theme: Vintage Concert T-Shirt Night – Dust off your favorite concert tee, the memories that come with it, and show your fandom tonight.

Wednesday, January 9 | At Sea

Nightly Theme: 70’s TV & Movie Costume Night – Bring the characters of the ‘70s back to life tonight as we remember the iconic TV Shows and Movies of that time.

Thursday, January 10 | Progresso, Mexico

Nightly Theme: Dia De Los Muertos/The Day of the Dead – The Day of the Dead is a time to honor and welcome the visiting souls of loved ones. This colorful commemoration is filled with rich colors, decorative skulls, skeletons and festive costumes. 

Thursday, January 11 | At Sea

Nightly Theme: Farewell Night – A celebration of the bittersweet feelings for the last night of a wonderful cruise. Wear whatever is still clean.