The Curt Towne Band

Curt Towne—Lead Guitar, Songwriter, Producer

James Aaron—Lead Vocal, Guitar, Harmonica, Songwriter

Greg “GT” Thompson—Bass, Backing Vocals

Ben Williams—Drums

Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, The Curt Towne Band formed January 2013.  Curt and James had been friends for several years, their perspective bands would often perform close by.  Occasionally they would join the others band on the stage to jam.  One such time they did so for the grand opening of the Ronnie Van Zant Park in Lake Ashbury Florida.  People came in from as far away as Japan for this special occasion for their love and respect for the Van Zant family and the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd.  They performed classic Skynyrd tunes to family and fans delight.  When they played “Call Me the Breeze” Melody Van Zant walked to the front of the stage and placed Ronnie Van Zant’s formed “Texas Hatters” hat on James’ head making a lasting impression on all those lucky enough to be there that day. 

Sometime later Randall Hall formerly of the Allen Collins Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd contacted Curt about reforming the Randall Hall Band.  Immediately Curt suggested James Aaron on vocals.  It was at this time that James first pitched “Long Live My Country” to Curt.  Curt suggested a bridge for the song and their first musical composition was born.  Unfortunately the Randall Hall Band had to be put on hold. 

Immediately Curt toyed with the idea of forming his own band.  He formed The Curt Towne Band once he had the rhythm section and a few original tunes under his belt.  He called his longtime friend James Aaron to see if it would work.  The two agreed to a jam and Curt gave James a copy of music that would become “Whatcha Gonna Do.”  That very next day the band along with James jammed together for the first time.  Inspired by Curt’s music and the struggles of the time, “Whatcha Gonna Do” he was the first song played together as a band.  The decision was clear, Curt had found his signer and co songwriting partner. 

Very soon after the band went into Martell Studios and recorded “Long Live My Country”.  Curt took the recording to his long time friend Johnny Van Zant to get his opinion.  Johnny loved it right away, so much that he invited Curt and the band to play the upcoming 2014 Simple Man Cruise.  This would have a lasting impact on the band.  These Skynyrd Cruises helped launch the careers of such artists as Zac Brown, Blackberry Smoke as well as others in the past.  It allowed people from around the world to enjoy Southern Rock and Country for a week of fun and music. 

The band quickly made friends from around the world; Germany, Australia, England, France, Spain.  Not to mention all over the United States.  Each night the audience doubled including members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackberry Smoke, Foghat and many others.  Soon people were asking for the band to come perform in their countries around the world.

Since that time the band has released their debut album “All or Nothin”.  They continue to be a sought after special guest act by such bands as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackberry Smoke, Montgomery Gentry and Don Felder.  All along forging lasting freindships with bands and audiences at home and abroad.  The focus is always on, as Curt would say, “Keeping the music honest, sincere, and heartfelt.  Either having lived it ourselves or through other’s experiences.  Always keeping it genuine and real.”