How Well Do You Know Our Southern Rock Cruise Artists?

Think you know something about the Southern Rock artists joining us in January 2019? Take our Trivia Challenge below and show us what you’ve got. We’re thrilled these legendary artists will be joining us next year, but don’t miss the chance to see them and all the music and programming we have in store.

  1. They’re called the KENTUCKY Headhunters because…
  1. Their first gig was a Kentucky Derby party in Wetumpka, Illinois.
  2. They practiced harmony singing on “My Old Kentucky Home.”
  3. They’re from Kentucky.


  1. One of Dickey Betts’ most famous compositions is “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.” Who was Elizabeth Reed?
  1. A name on a gravestone in Macon, Georgia.
  2. Dickey’s first girlfriend, who died in a car wreck.
  3. A completely fictitious name made up by the record label just before release.


  1. Which name did Lynyrd Skynyrd use before “Skynyrd”?
  1. My Backyard.
  2. The Noble Five.
  3. One Percent.


  1. Which of the following was NOT a hit for the Atlanta Rhythm Section?
  2. “So Into You.”
  3. “Keep on Smilin’.”
  4. “Imaginary Lover.”


  1. Dickey Betts’ classic original recording of “Ramblin’ Man” with the Allman Brothers features a second lead guitar. Who plays it?
  1. Dickey as an overdub.
  2. Duane Allman.
  3. Les Dudek.


  1. So many great Southern Rock bands came from Jacksonville, Florida because…
  1. There was a popular course in Lee High School called Jam Band 101.
  2. No one really knows.
  3. There really is something in the water. The chemical composition is H3O.


  1. Preacher Stone’s music is featured in which television series?
  1. Orange Is the New Black.
  2. Sons of Anarchy.
  3. The Wire.


  1. Molly Hatchet’s 1983 album, No Guts…No Glory, is notable because…
  1. It was their first to hit double platinum sales.
  2. It was their first to feature non-original songs.
  3. It was their first not to feature heroic fantasy artwork on the front cover.


  1. Why won’t you see Marshall Tucker performing with The Marshall Tucker Band?
  1. He left after the first album.
  2. He was never in the band to begin with.
  3. Health issues forced him to retire in 1992.


  1. Which of the following is true? On the Southern Rock Cruise…
  1. Formal evening attire is required for breakfast.
  2. You can bring your motorcycle on-board and ride it around the pool deck.
  3. We’ve specially trained the local seagulls to squawk “Free Bird.”


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