The Cowboy Poets

The Cowboy Poets are a Nashville based duo with a sound uniquely their own. A healthy dose of electrified blues, soulful rock and outlaw country are the main ingredients to what can only be described as a high energy sound. The band members, Nicolas Nguyen and Scott Johnson, were in the roots rock trio Bonepony and after decades of being on the road with acts like Bob Seger, ZZ Top, Fleetwood Mac and Carlos Santana, the guys decided to take a break and spend some time re-tooling their sound. The Cowboy Poets' debut record, "The Best Is Yet To Come" exhibits well weathered vocals, playful lyrics and a gritty musicianship that makes you want to throw your hands in the air and join in with the band. Their live show is a full tilt boogie, hair on fire, call in sick to work tomorrow, kind of experience. With Nguyen playing anything and everything with strings, as well as bass pedals with his feet, while Johnson belts out the lyrics and provides rhythm on a unique hybrid trap-kit, like I've never seen before. These guys are a definite must see.